Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Vinyl Finds: Nina and Frederik (Music For Pleasure 1401, 1970)

Nina and Frederik - Music For Pleasure 1401
To follow up the review of Nina and Frederik's Collection CD review from earlier today, here's a Nina and Frederik album I found in Newport last Saturday for 20p. This Music For Pleasure release seems to take the stance of most Nina and Frederik albums and EP releases by just calling the release erm... Nina and Frederik!
Drastically reduced sale sticker - 1970s
One thing I usually do when purchasing old LP's is trying to remove stickers or residue that the charity shops may have left on, however in this case there is a sticker on there indicating the albums original price, which I'm more than happy to leave on (after all, ithe original owner couldnt be bothered to remove it over 40 years ago).

I'm suspecting that given the age of the album it must have been purchased around the time decimal currency came in at a drastically reduced price! There's no indication at which shop it was bought (although it was likely Woolworths) but love the fact it was reduced from 72p to 29p - talk about a budget album!
Track listing for Nina and Frederik LP
Finally, this LP (consisting of 10 tracks from 1959 and 1960) says on several places its mono, although on the back it says this stereo record can also be played with a suitable mono pick-up... - confusing!

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