Friday, 9 May 2014

Still Running Wild With The Troggs - Chris Britton Interview

The Troggs in 2013
Last year, I interviewed Chris Britton of 1960s band The Troggs in which we talked about touring and the groups heyday in the 1960s.
“People ask don’t you fed up playing the same songs every night?, strangely enough you don't,” The Troggs guitarist Chris Britton tells Andy Howells, “its not performing the song which is the buzz , its the atmosphere from the audience because they are having fun too.” 
The group, formed in 1964, originated from Hampshire and were fronted by the legendary Reg Presley. Following the death of Reg in early 2013, vocalist Chris Allen recently took on vocal duties at the bands live gigs delivering Troggs classics including Wild Thing, With a Girl like You and Love Is All Around.  
Chris Britton is now the only surviving member of the band from their chart heyday.  
The Troggs in the 1960s
Chris recalled how The Troggs recorded their first two hits in ten minutes following one of producer Larry Page’s orchestral recording sessions back in 1966: “We drove up to London with all the gear, set it up and in ten minutes recorded  Wild Thing and With A Girl Like You.” 
Wild Thing became a number one in America but only reached number two in the United Kingdom. 
“There were three papers,” Chris continues, “The Record Mirror, New Musical Express and Music Echo and they used to take it in turns to supply the chart. The one week we were number one in all the other charts  it was Music Echo’s turn and we were number two with them, so it blew us out for getting number one in England.” 
The Troggs follow-up hit With A Girl Like You did become a UK chart-topper. 
The bands legacy has endured over the years with acts as diverse as Jimi Hendrix, The Muppets and Wet Wet Wet covering their hits and a move which Chris believes has helped introduce the music of The Troggs to a new generation. 
“Playing live is more like a sporting event than a musical thing because we’re having fun and it gives you a buzz,” says Chris.

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