Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Retro Vinyl Find: Vikki Carr - Hey Look Me Over

Here's my third Vikki Carr vinyl discovery in a charity shop, following vinyl finds of her albums Anatomy of Love and Ms Amerca last year.

Hey Look Me Over appears to be a late 60s compilation of mid 60s tracks on the budget Sunset Records label.

The tracks featured on the LP are as follows:
  1. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
  2. Moanin'
  3. Bye Bye Blackbird
  4. I Wonder
  5. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
  6. Hey, Look Me Over
  7. Somewhere In The Night
  8. I Cry Alone
  9. I've Got Your Number
  10. Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive
  11. Bluesette
  12. Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey

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