Friday, 20 June 2014

Retro Vinyl: More Hits By Cliff (Columbia, 1965)

Prior to The Beatles arrival in 1963, Cliff Richard was undoubtedly the most popular home-grown talent on the UK charts.

Following his debut hit in 1958, Move It! was followed with numerous top ten hits including several UK number ones , album and EP releases, and several box office movie hits.

Cliff's first hits collection entitled Cliff's Hit Album was released by Columbia Records in 1963. By then, Cliff had been on the music scene  for five years. Cliff's Hit Album was quite a tall order to pull together as Cliff had averaged out around four single releases a year (and in some cases the singles were double A sides), so obviously there were a few omissions.

Columbia Records didn't wait as long to release a follow up hits album. More Hits By Cliff subsequently followed in 1965. This time featuring pretty much all of Cliff's single releases from 1962 to 1964 (including 4 cuts from Summer Holiday that were released as double A sides).

Despite the fact that Cliff's Hit Album had reached No.2 in the UK album charts in 1963, More Hits By Cliff didn't climb quite as high, only reaching No.20.

The album itself does feature some great Cliff recordings however, many of which feature The Shadows accompanying him. Its also a good example to see how Cliff managed to keep his head above water in the UK during the onslaught of bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones arriving in the charts.

From the musical tracks of Summer Holiday and Wonderful Life there are also rocking covers of songs such as It'll Be Me (originally recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis) and Lucky Lips (originally by Ruth Brown), ballads  including Constantly and The Twelfth Of Never) plus classic Cliff and The Shadows recordings Don't Talk To Him and I'm The Lonely One.

I knew the mono album version of this well growing up as my mother owned it, this one (located in a Newport Charity Shop for a Pound) is in stereo featuring the cut of On The Beach in which Cliff coughs under Hank Marvin's guitar break - shame on you Cliff!

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