Sunday, 6 July 2014

CD Review: Oasis - Definetely Maybe (Remastered)

Crazy as it might seem its 21 years since Oasis exploded onto the music scene with their debut (and some regard - still best) album Definetely Maybe. 

Some might say (excuse the pun) that the album might not need revisiting, but as the Gallagher brothers have frequently pointed out over the years Oasis has rarely got much better than this, except withis expanded re-release it does.

While all 11 original tracks from the album  including Rock and Roll Star , Shakermaker and Supersonic have been remastered, fans and collectors will also enjoy the two extra discs in this package which contain 33 demos, rarities, b-sides and live tracks including Half The World Away and their cover of The Beatles' I Am The Walrus.

Amongst the cut and thrust of rock n roll and raw Brit pop there are also the occasional surprises including the string version of Whatever which closes the collection, Classical Oasis anyone? 

Jobs a good 'un!

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