Sunday, 13 July 2014

Charity Shop Finds: Shirley Bassey, Katherine Jenkins, Avril Lavigne and Jim Reeves

Found For A Pound: 4 CD releases
One of my favourite charity shops in town yesterday was having a bit of a clear out, so I picked up 4 CD's at 25p each to load some more tunes onto my iPod with.

The releases found were
  • Katherine Jenkins - Living A Dream
  • The Best of Shirley Bassey
  • Jim Reeves - The Collection
  • Aviril Lavigne - Let Go

Finding two albums from Welsh-born artists is probably not too difficult here in Wales, I'm still scratching an itch for early Shirley Bassey material while I always enjoy Katherine Jenkins classical tone.

Avril Lavigne always seemed to be in the UK charts over a decade ago and both Rachel and I were quite big fans of her singles, we'd never got around to getting the album so I thought this was a good opportunity!

Finally, I must have thumbed over several Jim Reeves albums in charity shops over the years, I remember my father having a huge collection of them back in the 1970s, one track Bimbo particularly stands out in memory and that was on this compilation as well as several other country flavoured ditties.

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