Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Pudsey's A Film Star Now! - Ashleigh Butler Interview

Tom meets Ashleigh and Pudsey
One of the family film's featured across cinema screens this summer is Pudsey The Dog - The Movie featuring the Britain's Got Talent canine star along with a supporting cast that includes Jessica Hynes and John Sessions.

I recently interviewed Pudsey's trainer Ashleigh Butler at a pre-release screening of the film in Cardiff.
Has Pudsey becoming a film star taken you by surprise?
Yes, we filmed the movie in October time for five weeks and then it kind of went a little bit quiet while we were doing panto and then the past few weeks we've been promoting it, it’s been a crazy couple of months but fun as well. 
Is this anything you could have envisaged when setting foot on stage on Britain’s Got Talent?
No definitely not. I think with a show like  Britain’s Got Talent for me personally, I don’t know about anybody else, I was always trying to get to the next stage, I was never thinking, "Oh! I’m going to win and make a film…" It was never about that. It was like,"I've got through to this stage," that was the main thing for me. 
I know Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams has been involved with the film (David provides Pudsey's voice)  has everyone else been supportive?
When we went on Britain's Got Talent our year was like a little family everyone was supportive. I’m still really good friends with Charlotte from Jonathan and Charlotte. The judges were really supportive, David (Walliams) the most, we've worked with him quite a lot now, everyone’s really happy and supportive, it’s nice. 
Interviewing Ashleigh
How do you both relax when you’re not working?
I don’t know about Pudsey but he loves sleeping, I love sleeping as well, that’s probably something we’ve got in common. I like Pudsey when he has got his free time to be a normal dog and we like to compete at weekends in dog shows. 
Besides the film. I know you and Pudsey have got another panto lined up this year at Bristol Hippodrome. What else have Pudsey and you got planned for the future?
Next week after we've finished with the film promotion we go on to filming the CBBC show Who Let the Dogs Out?  That’ll take up a lot of our time maybe well get a bit of free time and then straight into panto. We’ll probably do some promotion and rehearsals will start around November time and we’ll continue with that until the end of January.

  • Pudsey The Dog - The Movie can be seen across cinema's in the UK now. Visit the official website.
  • A version of the above interview appeared in The Guide section of The South Wales Argus on July 18, 2014.
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