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Retro Vinyl: Russ Conway - My Concerto For You (Columbia SX1214, 1960)

After finding several Russ Conway vinyl compilations in recent times I was quite pleased to find an original Russ LP in mono tucked away in a Newport charity shop for a £1.

My Concerto For You (Columbia 33SX1214) was released in 1960 on Columbia Records and found Russ stepping away from the piano pop style that had gained him two number ones the previous year, to present a more serious side to his repertoire.

Among the tracks are Dream Of Olwen, The Warsaw Concerto, Forgotten Dreams and Till as well as original compositions written under his own name Trevor Stanford My Concerto For You  and Jeannie (which featured a co-credit with the albums producer Norman Newell).

Norman Newell had signed Russ a few years previously and reveals on the sleeve notes for My Concerto For You how Trevor became Russ: 
"...I suggested a recording contract and he treated the suggestion with utter amazement. He was equally surprised when I suggested changing his name and I chose CONWAY because it belonged to the artist I most enjoyed recording in my early days - Steve Conway. Teddy Holmes (a well known music publisher who brought Norman the tune Roll Up The Carpet) added RUSS and a name that was destined to become world-famous was 'launched' with a cup of tea at E.M.I.'s offices in Great Castle Street".
My Concerto For You did well in the UK charts for Russ peaking at No.5 during 1960. The album would later be repackaged within a double LP set (MFP1023) by Music For Pleasure in the early 1980s. Entitled Always You And Me it included two additional tracks Always and Always You And Me alongside Russ's 1966 Concerto For Lovers album.

Russ Conway - My Concerto For You (Columbia 33SX 1214)
Mono, 1960

Side One
  1. My Concerto For You
  2. The Way To The Stars
  3. Dream Of Olwen
  4. Dusk
  5. The Lonely Melody
  6. The Warsaw Concerto
Side Two
  1. Autumn Concerto
  2. Forgotten Dreams
  3. Cornish Rhapsody
  4. Jeannie
  5. Till
  6. La Mer
With Michael Collins and his Concert Orchestra and The William Singers. 
Recording produced by Norman Newell.

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