Monday, 28 July 2014

Stars on 45RPM: Hit The Ground / Pretty Girl by The Darling Buds

Newport band The Darling Buds biggest hit single in chart terms was their second hit entitled Hit The Ground which spent five weeks on the UK chart in January 1989.

The Darling Buds were formed in Caerleon in 1986 and took their name from the title of  HE Bates novel The Darling Buds of May.

Fronted by Andrea Lewis the band came to prominence with their first release If I Said before a signing to Native Records and coming to John Peel's attention. The band would later be signed to Epic Records.

The single Burst gained particular prominence and several showings on Channel 4's The Chart Show in 1988 and managed to bubble under the top 40 for several weeks, however it was Hit The Ground covered with Pretty Girl that gave the band Top 40 success in early 1989.

I particularly remember the band for their hard edged feel good vibe and colourful videos. My copy of Hit The Ground was bought in Woolworths in Richmond, Yorkshire not long after it was released. So I'd like to think I actually helped get it to No.27!

Their album Pop Said followed shortly afterwards and I actually got my copy by swapping an old Tracey Ullman album with someone who wasn't as impressed with The Darling Buds as I was, a fair exchange at the time!

It would be many years later that I discovered The Darling Buds were a Newport band when working in The South Wales Argus newsroom and seeing a reporter had just interviewed Andrea Lewis! Small world!

I understand Andrea has since entered the world of acting but also recently reformed The Darling Buds for a selection of dates.

So there's still a hope I may see them live someday!

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  1. Pop Said is one of my favourite albums of all time. I have it in my car autochanger right now, and a load of equally good b-sides. I'll Never Stop is one of the best. Went to see them in London recently too and loved it.



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