Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Return Of The Powerpuff Girls

Essential bedtime reading
A few weeks ago, I happened to chance among a box set selection of The Powerpuff Girls episodes on our Sky set-up.

My youngest son evidently picked up on my glee when I said "Wow! The Powerpuff Girls!".

"Powerpuff Girls?," he responded, "One of my friends at school has been talking about them, I'd like to watch it!" We did watch it, then we watched another and another...

Although this is my youngest sons first encounter with the cute mutant little girls with big eyes and hardcore kick-ass attitude. I first took a shine to them some 15 years ago when they were regularly featured in a Saturday morning slot (on Channel 5 I think!).

Mojo memorabilia
I was 30 at the time and probably should have known better, but the scenario of three little girls frequently been called upon to kick butt with every madcap villain (including Mojo Jojo - a very bad monkey and the evilest of evil - Him!) in the City of Townsville appealed to my sense of humour, as did the retro cartoon style of the series.

I became an ardent fan of The Powerpuff Girls over the few years that followed. As my wife and I were youth leaders in a local church group even the teens we were around picked up on this and I found myself a proud owner of little pieces of Powerpuff memorabilia.

Its those pieces of memorabilia I've found myself trying to unearth over the last few weeks. My youngest son even demands I read some of the comics I bought over a decade ago to him at bedtime while a work colleague (also a self confessed Powerpuff Girls fan) also lent us her copy of The Powerpuff Girls movie on DVD (I hadnt seen this origin tale since I went to see it at the cinema with my wife back in 2002).

Crazy? Perhaps, but in a life that provides several daily stresses I've really appreciated coming home some evenings recently and spending time zoning out to these shows, and getting some belly laughs along the way.

It seems too there could be a revival, following a new episode (which featured Beatles drummer Ringo Starr) earlier this year, it seems The Powerpuff Girls could be unleashed on the world again - I can't wait!

  • The Powerpuff Girls is currently been repeated on the Boomerang channel every Thursday in the UK.

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