Saturday, 2 August 2014

Best Of Retrospace: Five From The 1930s

Casting an eye back over the last few years on Retrospace here's five posts you might enjoy looking at the music of the 1930s:

Retro Vinyl: The George Formby Collection: An Ace of Clubs release featuring several George Formby favourites including When I'm Cleaning Windows Read on...

Retro Vinyl: Harry Roy and His Band: A compilation from Music For Pleasure featuring 12 numbers and one of the big dance sounds from the 1930s Read on: 

Retro Vinyl: The Golden Age Of Al Bowlly: Al Bowlly - The Big Swoon Of The 1930s  Read on:

Retro Vinyl: Gracie Fields Stage & Screen: Popular songs from Our Gracie that kept her in the public conciousness over several decades. Read on:

Retro Vinyl:The Very Best Of Bing: No look at popular music from the 1930s would be complete without Bing Crosby who dominated the mediums of music, radio and film Read On: 

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