Friday, 29 August 2014

Meet The Band: Lucius

Brooklyn based band Lucius recently toured the UK and band member Pete took time out to answer some of my questions for The Guide.

Who are you and how did you come together?
We are Lucius, we are a band and we came together to sing and rock and spread joy across the universe.

Where are you from?
We we all born from different parts of the country, the west coast, the south, the Midwest, New England even the upper peninsula of Michigan - but we all met in Ditmas park Brooklyn. I would say Lucius was born in Brooklyn.

How would you describe your music style?
It's more interesting to hear other people describe our style to us. We might be the creators but everyone else is the listener - maybe the audience has a better vantage point in which to tell us what we sound like. I tell people that we play music - sometimes it's quiet and sometimes it's loud, maybe they will like it.

What’s been your best live experience?
We have had a bit of a whirlwind year. We have played well over a hundred shows and still have about three months or so of touring left. It's hard to gauge because so there have been so many shows that have had so many great aspects to them, sometimes it's a great set, sometimes it's a great venue and sometimes it's a great audience - and often times all of those things come together. We had an amazing time at the Nelsonville music festival this year - it's a wonderful festival run by a group of really amazing supporters of Music, art and local farmers and cooks.

You have a new single and album coming soon can you tell us more about that?
We are so excited to start working on new material - after almost two years of touring we are chomping at the bit to make a new record. I think it will really reflect the experiences we've had in the road and how much that's influenced our live show and how we think about creating and performing music.

You’re touring shortly are you looking forward to that?
We are almost always touring and we are always looking forward to seeing more of the world, meeting new people and finding a new audience. We love to tour, it makes everywhere seem like home and everyone you meet like a member of your family we are very fortunate to be able to tour as much as we do.

What can people expect from your forthcoming Bristol gig?
We have never been there, so we can only hope to play our asses off and hopefully the audience will respond to that.

Will you be coming to Wales sometime in the future?
I sure as heck hope so!

Where can people hear your music?
Come to a show! It's the best way to listen to music! Or you can hear us online -  try not to get distracted by the onslaught of websites dedicated to fainting goats or videos of baby kittens being cute or newscasters accidentally saying inappropriate things on TV - that's a wormhole that you might not escape from and never get around to actually listening to our music - just skip the internet just come to a live show.

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