Saturday, 30 August 2014

Retro Vinyl: Russ Conway Presents 24 Piano Greats

1977 was a year where 20 Golden Greats albums by bands such as The Shadows and The Beach Boys were topping the album charts.

Its therefore hardly surprising that TV promotion label Ronco thought it might not be a bad idea to pull out another former hit maker of years gone by and try and go one better. Well I say one better, it was four more than twenty as Russ Conway played 24 Piano Greats!

Russ Conway Presents 24 Piano Greats involved Russ returning to the recording studios once again to lay down new recordings of his hits Side Saddle and China Tea as well as versions of piano hits popularised by the likes of Sounds Orchestral (Cast Your Fate To The Wind) and Joe Mr Piano Henderson (Trudie).

It would be easy to dismiss this LP as a low budget cheap cash-in on Russ's earlier successes, but if anything, it was repeating the magic formula of laying down more popular tunes in the Russ Conway style.

Found for 20p in a Newport charity shop last week!

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