Sunday, 31 August 2014

Who View: Day Of The Daleks

Jon Pertwee's 1972 Doctor Who adventure Day Of The Daleks (written by Louis Marks) was one of the first videos I bought back in the late 1980s. It was always a bit of a favourite and an obvious choice for BBC video at the time as their first Dalek release on video. A colour four parter with Daleks and a popular Doctor.

The original video release was a 90 minute omnibus edition. It later got re-issued in its original episodic format but despite how much I re watched Day Of The Daleks I quickly discovered it wasn't a fan favourite with everyone else, including Jon Pertwee who criticised it for its minimal use of Daleks.

Fast forward some 25 years and I found myself yesterday watching the special edition DVD release of the story.

Day Of The Daleks sees The Doctor, Jo and UNIT caught up with 22nd Century guerrillas who have travelled back to the 20th century to assassinate a politician who they believe kicked off World War Three. The Daleks have glided into the future and taken over the earth using Aubrey Woods' Controller as their puppet to keep tight reigns on controlling slave workforces and rebels.

The last minute inclusion of The Daleks in the story meant at the time the BBC had limited Dalek props for their inclusion in the story. Step in the modern day DVD team to create new scenes with more Daleks, new special effects and new Dalek voices provided by modern day Dalek Nicholas Briggs.

The special edition version ertainly enhanced my enjoyment of the story further than before. I always enjoy the tale as it features a great cast but it just shows what can be possible with a few modern day tweaks (and purists still get the original four parter on this two disc release if they want it).

There's also several additional features here including Blue Peter clips and a comedic look at the pointless task of trying to date the UNIT adventures with comedian Toby Hadoke.

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