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Who View: Doctor Who - Deep Breath Reviewed

Peter Capaldi
So The Doctor is back on our screens, although for me he never quite goes away. Having watched Deep Breath at its Cardiff premiere a few weeks ago my daughter and I bit our lips as not to reveal any spoilers to anyone for Peter Capaldi's debut episode.

In fact I actually quite enjoy not telling people spoilers, its a degree of one upmanship on a spoiler hungry generation, but I also believe seeing a preview is a privilege.

So even though I watched the episode once again last Saturday, I've been quite interested in hearing peoples views on the new series. 

There's a lot of positivity about Peter Capaldi's portrayal while some stark negativity about a plot line that didn't appear to make much sense.  "I doubt anyone under the age of 12 could have made sense of it," someone said to me. "That's odd," I replied,"my three children all loved it!" Incidentally they are all under 12. perhaps thats a clear indication that Steven Moffat said at the recent Cardiff Q&A that he not only writes Doctor Who for himself , but children as well!

I actually enjoy the Steven Moffat penned debut Doctor Who episodes. As with Matt Smith's debut Moffat doesn't have the Doctor recuperating in his bed for half the episode, he gets The Doctor out into the storyline abet in a befuddled and confused state and throws him into the action. If anything it character builds the new Doctor with a few obvious links to previous incarnations along the way.

Jenna Coleman & Peter Capaldi
The safe haven of Deep Breath is its Victorian London setting and the familiarity of characters Madam Vastra, Jenny and Strax. Their loyalty to the Doctor in his new form is undiminished while companion Clara's may seem slightly questionable. If anything I love Jenna Coleman's portrayal of Clara, but if she is The Impossible Girl that has known the Doctor through all his time lines how does she find it hard to accept the new Doctor?

Then again, Capaldi's Doctor is very different in temperament and unpredictable even seating his companion in a dangerous position. There is much I actually enjoyed about Deep Breath from its beginning with a dinosaur rampaging through Victorian London to the little comic exchanges between Clara and Strax. 

As for Peter Capaldi's Doctor, a first episode is not always a fair analysis as you wear a Doctor in. For me Matt Smith is a tough act to follow (I always likened Matt's Doctor to a young Troughton or an old man trapped in a young man's body - but still very much The Doctor!). 

I think we could have a good Doctor in Peter Capaldi though, a combination of Pertwee's style and Tom Baker's unpredictability with more thought, deepness and knowing harking back to Hartnell... stay tuned!

Writing Doctor Who Previews For Deep Breath

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