Monday, 29 September 2014

CD Review: The Cry Of Love / Rainbow Bridge by Jimi Hendrix

The Cry Of Love and Rainbow Bridge are Jimi Hendrix first and second posthumous studio releases respectively, both featuring tracks recorded between December 1969 and the summer of 1970 at Electric Lady Studios in New York, and intended to be part of an ambitious double LP First Rays of the New Rising Sun.

Only The Cry Of Love has previously been available on CD Format so the release of these early 70s collections will no doubt appease fans of the late rock idol.

As both albums were mixed by Hendrix musicians Eddie Kramer and Mitch Mitchell, there is a strong energy going through the releases with Hendrix clearly having fun in the studio at a peak of creativity with his compositions Night Bird Flying and Angel (later covered by The Faces).

Thankfully much of what is featured here was completed before Hendrix untimely death so there isn't so much of a patchiness as found on some posthumous releases, worthy compilations that any serious classic rock fan would enjoy.

  • This review was originally published in The South Wales Argus entertainment section The Guide on September 28.

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