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Meet The Band: In Flames

I recently chatted to drummer Daniel Svensson of Swedish metal band In Flames.

The band, who release their eleventh album ‘Siren Charms’ on September 8th 2014 have built their reputation as one of the most respected and beloved modern metal bands over the course of 10 albums, selling three million albums and packing venues all over the world in the process.

Formed in 1990, In Flames redefined the melodic metal genre and continue to create music that defied simple categorization, have been blazing a metal trail for nearly 25 years, having toured with everyone from Metallica to Slipknot to Killswitch Engage to Slayer. 

Many of their albums, namely 1996's The Jester Race, 1999's Colony and 2000's Clayman, are considered modern metal classics and "essential listening" by both fans and critics.

Yet, two decades deep, the band remains vital and continues to up the ante. 
In Flames have delivered what will be considered one of the best albums of their already impressive catalog with Siren Charms, taking a huge step forward all the while remaining true to the sound that earned them their status as a hard rock band to watch, within the scene and beyond.

The band recorded Siren Charms at the iconic Hansa Studios in Berlin and the 11-song effort will be preceded by first single "Rusted Nail."

Siren Charms is your eleventh album in 20 years, what makes this album stand out from all the others?
Siren Charms is probably our most diverse album up to date.  It has all the components that an In Flames album should have, but it has more of everything. I also think it is the most “mature” album of our discography, in a good way that is. All notes, beats and rhythms etc. are there for a reason and not just because…Sometimes it´s easy to ruin a song by adding to much components into it.  We definitely couldn’t do this album better than we did and we´re are relay proud about it. Siren Charms has a little bit for everyone I think.

Can you tell us more about the background of the album?
The album was record at Hansa Tonstudios in Berlin. All and all the recording took us 6 intense weeks. Björn took all the music he had written prior to the recording to the studio, then all of us came with suggestions and brought our own “touch” to the sound. Anders did all the vocals afterwards, and also Örjan Örnkloo who did the all the keys added his touch to the final product. It was really a great experience, even though it was very intense and sometimes exhausting to do everything in such a rushed pace (last album took 4 months to record) it was well worth it and we are more than happy with the result. 

The first single from the album will be Rusted Nail can you tell us more about that track?
Rusted Nail is probably one of the most “classic” -In Flames song on the album. It has a heavy intro/theme riff and a really good and catchy chorus. We made the verse part a bit longer than normal and worked with the groove, and let it grow slowly, until it peaks into the short bridge before the chorus explodes. It also has a stunning solo by Björn Gelotte. Basically, its just a great song.

You’ve had a few personnel changes over the years, how does this affect you as a band?
We´ve basically had the same line-up since 98 except that Jesper left the band a few years ago. But that was a pretty smooth change since Niclas Engelin that replaced him already had been in the band before.  There were a lot more member coming and going before 98 but at that time the band wasn’t a the same level so those changes didn’t really affect the band itself. 

Will you be visiting the UK soon?
We will be back touring UK this fall.  We will play Manchester, Glasgow and London in mid October. Hopefully we will do a UK-tour next year and visit more cities.

In 20 years of In Flames what do you think has been the bands greatest moment?
We´ve had so many great moments throughout our career. We are honoured that we´ve had the opportunity to tour together with some of the biggest metal acts such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Slayer etc. etc. We´ve headlined some of the biggest open-air festivals in Europe and we have travelled all around the globe and visited places that I never thought I would see. Its tough to select one moment because there are so many, and I´m just grateful that I have experienced all this.

What have the band got planned for the future?
First of all we will release our album on the 8th of September and after that we will try to tour as much as we can on this album until people get sick and tired of seeing us.

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