Friday, 26 September 2014

Retro CD Review: Heaven On Earth By Belinda Carlisle (1988)

I've owned Heaven On Earth by Belinda Carlisle on vinyl since 1988 and probably haven't played it for the best part of 20 years. That's not because I disliked it, but purely because not having access to a the regular use of a record player it didn't get played.

Also I pretty much bought every Belinda Carlisle album on either cassette or CD after that so this album despite the major hits (which later appeared on Greatest Hits compilations) Heaven Is A Place On Earth, Half The World, Circle In The Sand and I Get Weak, rarely got an airing.

Finding a copy of the album on CD in a charity shop last week, I immediately snapped it up, because I do remember it for been a great album and my thoughts haven't changed.

When I bought this album back in 1988, I was struck by the accessibility of Belinda's pop/rock/ballad mixture and her nod towards 1960s musical influences, represented here with an incredibly contagious cover of Cream's I Feel Free.

There are also tinges of harder rock with Nobody Owns Me and Should I Let You In? and the more anthemic Fool For Love.  

Heaven On Earth does set the pace and formula for Belinda's next few albums Runaway Horses and Live Your Life Be Free, but with the inclusion of Love Never Dies, the album is still a very enjoyable release and unlike most of the records of the era has dated very little, probably due to the great production from Rick Nowels. Certainly worth a revisit.

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