Friday, 5 September 2014

Retro CD Review: Screen Sinatra by Frank Sinatra (Music For Pleasure)

With someone as prolific as Frank Sinatra its hardly surprising there is a multitude of compilations available of his output. In recent years I've pulled back from purchasing several in charity shops as I began to find many repeats on some compilations even if they are early years recordings (my favourite Sinatra era).

A few weeks ago, I came across  this 1998 Music For Pleasure compilation entitled Screen Sinatra, which does what it says on the label and brings together songs from several Sinatra movies of the 1950s.

Music from films such as From Here To Eternity (of which he got the 1953 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and Oscar for best song with Three Coins In A Fountain), Young At Heart, Not As A Stranger, The Tender Trap, Johnny Concho, The Joker Is Wild and Kings Go Forth grace this album. In many cases its less obvious material but still retaining the Sinatra magic which make such themed compilations a joy.

Evidently ballads are the emphasis with songs such as Someone To Watch Over Me and Young At Heart but there's also some swing with Chicago and Sinatra's 1959 singalong hit High Hopes (from A Hole In The Head).

The final track Dream is an early Sinatra recording and taken from a film he didn't appear in, Carnal Knowledge which starred Art Garfunkel and Jack Nicholson.  

Several albums could no doubt be created of Sinatra's film music both as a star or as a contributor, but Screen Sinatra certainly captures his musical essence from the silver screen.

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