Monday, 1 September 2014

Stars on 45RPM: Ken Dodd - Tears / You and I (Columbia DB 7659, 1965)

Ken Dodd's rise to popularity in the UK charts was a long one. He first charted with Love Is Like A Violin in 1960 and had several other releases which would dent the charts over the ensuing five years (including his 1963 signature tune Happiness) before striking gold with the ballad Tears (Columbia, DB7659) in 1965.

Primarily known as a comedian, Dodd's popularity as a family entertainer proved successful with all ages (particularly with the young with his creations The Diddymen).

It's therefore of little surprise that in an era where the record buying public consisted of all ages, Dodd's appeal eventually broke into the charts and to the top position in a year that also played chart-topping host to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard and The Seekers.

Tears (For Souvenirs) however was not a new song, it was written in 1929 by Frank Capano and Billy Uhr and recorded by Rudy Vallee.

It was Ken Dodd (with Geoff Love's orchestra providing accompaniment) who would score a number one chart hit with it some 36 years later and go on to have the biggest selling hit of 1965. Produced by Norman Newell, Tears knocked The Walker Brothers song Make It Easy On Yourself off the top of the UK chart on September 28, 1965 and remained at the top for 5 weeks.

Coupled with You and I, Tears would become the third best selling single of the 1960s (after The Beatles She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand).

With regular appearances on radio and television Ken Dodd would continue to have regular hits in the charts until the 1970s. He continues to be a popular theatre draw well into his 80th decade.

I recently located my copy of Tears in a Newport charity shop for 50p.

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