Thursday, 4 September 2014

Stars on 45RPM: Nina and Frederik, The New Seekers, Chas & Dave and Lulu

Here's a few 45RPM finds from a Newport charity shop last Saturday. All in original picture sleeves too..

Nina & Frederik - Sing For The Young In Heart (Columbia, 1964)
 I'm always quite thrilled to find a Nina & Frederik release. This EP goes back to 1964 and it seems despite the onslaught of the Beat Boom they were more than happy to stick to their roots of fok-pop. The EP features four tracks including Puff (The Magic Dragon), Inch Worm, The Worm Song and Scarlet Ribbons.

Lulu - I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do) (Alfa, 1979) 
1979 single from 60s star Lulu covered with Dance To The Feeling In Your Heart. Both songs were written by musician Neil Harrison who was the original Bootleg John in the Bootleg Beatles.

Chas & Dave - Ain't No Pleasing You (Rockney, 1982) 
Chas & Dave's biggest hit from 1982 covered with Give It Some Stick Mick featuring Chas's fellow Rebel Rouser Mick Burt on drums.

The New Seekers - I Wanna Go Back (CBS, 1976) 
Although their success was on the decline by 1976, The New Seekers still managed to have a minor hit with I Wanna Go Back covered with The World Belongs To Me.

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