Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Stars on 45RPM: Sorrow by The Merseys (Fontana, TF694, 1966)

Sorrow was a No.4 UK hit in 1966 for The Merseys, at that time made up of former Merseybeats Tony Crane and Billy Kinsley.

The song was originally recorded by The McCoys in 1965 with a folk-rock arrangement however The Merseys interpretation had the bonus of an upbeat drum style  provided by Clem Cattini giving it a rockier edge.

The lyrics of Sorrow "with your long blond hair and your eyes a blue" were later referenced by George Harrison in the closing moments of The Beatles "It's All Too Much".

David Bowie later took the song into the UK charts in 1973, ultimately scoring a Number 3 hit with it.

I recently  found this original 1966 copy covered with the track Some Other Day in a Tenby charity shop for 50p.

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