Friday, 5 September 2014

Summit About NATO

I rarely delve into the political spectrum but as the NATO Summit has been on my doorstep this week, I haven't been able to ignore all the action centred around Newport. Policemen on patrol, helicopters overhead, and even aircraft flying past my house this morning heading towards the conference at Celtic Manor.

Yet there is the usual skepticism that comes with such occasions and the criticisms hurled at people like Barrack Obama, David Cameron and other world leaders.

Frankly, its high time critics started looking at whats going on around the world, not just in other countries but in their own. Cruelty exists on many levels from war victims to everyday domestics at home and we simply can't keep on ignoring things by walking away.

I frequently struggle with what I see on the news as well as what I hear people talk about as been perfectly acceptable in the office on a day to day basis. A lot of what I see and hear sickens and troubles me.

Thank goodness there are people in power that are making steps to changing our world, I may not support everything they say and do, but I certainly appreciate the tough decisions they have to make and although NATO in Newport might be over, the world and its problems will keep on turning, until we all find answers.

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