Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Art Of MFP: Your One And Only Mrs Mills (MFP 1406)

While looking through my local Healthy Planet store last Saturday I couldn't resist browsing through a batch of old vinyl records in need of a good home.

Among the collection of Jim Reeves, Andy Williams, Val Doonican and classical LPs was this little gem on MFP - Your One And Only Mrs Mills.

Mrs Mills probably released as many albums as The Beatles back in the 1960s (as well as been signed to the same label as them - Parlophone) and was known for her feelgood old time piano numbers, not too far removed from Winifred Atwell, Joe Henderson and Russ Conway were doing.

These days Mrs Mills records are remembered more for her comical album covers, among them she posed with penguins, rocking horses, took part in knees-ups and here Mrs Mills posed as a Victorian chambermaid ("behave yourselves please!") complete with a nice cup of tea and a feather duster. This was in-keeping with her track I Was Queen Victoria's Chambermaid  which was a single in 1967 and was a response to Whistlin' Jack Smith's hit single I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman.

The style of these album covers are in some respects the vinyl equivalent of a comic postcard featuring a jolly looking lady. The style doesn't seem to have followed through to Mrs Mills later CD releases, which is a shame because I suspect it was these comical covers that gave the lady some of her appeal to fans back in the day.

This LP pulls together tracks from 1966 and 1967 and was probably released around 1970. Among the tracks are I Was Queen Victoria's Chambermaid, I'm Nobody's Baby, Second-hand Rose and Indian Summer. 

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