Saturday, 6 September 2014

Who View: Into The Dalek

Peter Capaldi's second Doctor Who tale seemed to have been described as his first adventure in some previews, almost ignoring the twelfth Doctor's debut in Deep Breath. Capaldi's encounter with The Daleks in Into the Dalek may not have been his birth but undoubtedly it was his baptism and what a story from Phil Ford and Stephen Moffat.

The Doctor rescues Journey Blue, a rebel fighter, when her battle cruiser is under attack by The Daleks. Her initial encounter with The Doctor on reviving is both dramatic and comical, exchanging a lesson in manners and her remark on leaving The TARDIS "its smaller on the outside", "Its far more interesting the other way around" retorts The Doctor. The Doctor then finds himself been asked to help a patient - a war-torn Dalek that appears to have turned good.

Picking up Clara from her post in Coal Hill School (is returning to Coal Hill bearing any significance beyond the 50th anniversary I wonder?), The Doctor, Clara and Journey are cut down to size to venture into The Dalek in a tale which has echoes of the 1977 adventure The Invisible Enemy while the concept of good Dalek is also a throwback to Human Factor Daleks in 1967's Evil Of The Daleks.

I personally enjoyed this tale, there are clearly a few sub-plots developing including the introduction of Danny Pink (ex soldier and new Coal Hill teacher) and the recurring role of Michelle Gomez as Missy.
Star performance: Zawe Ashton had a great presence as Journey Blue and its a shame she didn't join The Doctor on his travels at the end of the story!

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