Friday, 19 September 2014

Who View: Listen

Listen finds The Doctor in a questioning mood as he investigates if every being has a constant companion in their lives.

In this case, its a dream that everybody experiences, hands reaching out from under a bed and grabbing their ankles!

The Doctor asks Clara to help him investigate by returning to her childhood, but the plan backfires as Clara is distracted by her first date with fellow teacher Danny Pink. Distracted and Connected to the TARDIS telepathic link, Clara takes the ship back to Gloucester in the mid 1990s and to Danny's childhood...

Listen proves to be an interesting episode in that although The Doctor tries to examine Clara's timeline it is both his and Danny Pink's that ultimately seem to be investigated by Clara. Again the impossible girl seems to be leaving footprints in the past and future of of The Doctor and Danny with seemingly little knowledge of her own timeline.

Perhaps one of the most gripping of of the new Doctor Who episodes, Listen proves to be an exciting script from Steven Moffat and deliberately scary in places and all with good reason by ultimately proving there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

My children pulled away but returned as quickly to see the essential episode resolve which undoubtedly ends on a positive.

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