Saturday, 27 September 2014

Who View: Time Heist

Turning The Doctor into a bank robber in Time Heist is almost the stuff of Hollywood movies, yet as he, Clara, a shape shifter and a cyber augmented gamer penetrate the most dangerous bank in the cosmos, it all becomes very much the formula for a strong Doctor Who tale.

The Doctor and his friends are deliberately trying to avoid the bank's security, a fearsome teller that detects and feasts on guilt, but in traditional Doctor Who fashion there is some chasing along corridors here, although not in a bad way, these corridors seem very real and even threatening.

Again, I really enjoyed this story, we are still getting the occasional nod to Doctor Who's past, with Sensorites and Terileptils briefly getting a mention with tenuous links Absalom Daak and Captain John Hart, but these don't interfere by any means with the flow of the story.

The real catch for me here was Keeley Hawes (a long-time favourite actress) as Miss Delphox /Madame Karabraxos. She utilises every moment of her screen time perfecting the steely villainess of the piece, you simply wouldn't want to cross her, nor would she herself (as the story ultimately reveals). My only disappointment is that she couldn't have been cast as some new recurring villain, (I'd love to see her as a new incarnation of The Rani).

There are a few little twists towards the end of the story, including a similar temporal paradox scenario reminiscent of Day Of The Daleks  but on the whole an enjoyable adventure from Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat.

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