Sunday, 12 October 2014

CD Review: Madness - One Step Beyond (35th Anniversary Edition)

One Step Beyond is 35 years old, yet this special edition release containing the original album, a 14 track 1979 rehearsal tape and comprehensive booklet comes marching onto the review desk with all of the Madness charm and charisma while still bustling with excitable energy.

As debut albums go, this ones a gem, it contains four (now classic) hit singles One Step Beyond, My Girl, The Prince and Night Boat To Cairo and demonstrates the bands creativity as they marry the world of ska with storytelling in Bed and Breakfast Man and Mummy's Boy.

The band also demonstrate themselves as excellent instrumentalists turning Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake into an upbeat ska track.

Much of Suggs and Co's popularity grew from their television appearances and comic pop videos making them the heroes of many a schoolboy across the UK and we have several here on an additional DVD including an appearance on Top of The Pops that got them banned for several weeks.

You'd be mad to miss this release, even if you bought it on vinyl the first time around, this is all you'll ever want and more from Madness' One Step Beyond.

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