Saturday, 4 October 2014

Who View: The Caretaker

The Doctor going undercover is always tricky. Previous incarnations have tried it, think The first Doctor as The Regional Officer of The Provinces in The Reign Of Terror or The Third Doctor as a milkman or a cleaner in The Green Death. The truth is, The Doctor is way too loud and proud to be inconspicuous which is probably why Clara in full teacher mindset is concerned when he turns up as a caretaker at Coal Hill School in last weeks Doctor Who episode.

The Doctor is on the trail of the Skovox Blitzer but perhaps just as worrying for Clara is The Doctor's meeting with her new boyfriend Danny Pink.

As so far proven with this series of Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi is doing something quite different with his interpretation of The Doctor. I say different, there are many elements of other early Doctor's existent within this incarnation, Hartnell's tetchiness, Pertwee's matter of factness and Tom Baker's unpredictability.  Capaldi's additional Scottish eccentricities do make him a very different emotionally heightened Doctor, with quick elements of sardonic wit in places. 

I get the impression this Doctor is already keen to move on from his past, and I think that also means Clara Oswald, herself seemingly changing from the last series, no more an impossible girl, but more grounded and slightly predictable.

The Caretaker however, still produced some great moments, particularly between The Doctor and Coal Hill pupil Courtney Woods, recalling Doctor Who's original Grandfather - Granddaughter dynamic between The First Doctor and Susan, (or even Peter Cushing's 60s film Doctor and the younger Susan) with an almost comic edge.

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