Saturday, 11 October 2014

Who View: Kill The Moon

Perhaps the most surreal Doctor Who episode so far this series, Kill The Moon sees The Doctor,  Clara and Courtney on a space shuttle heading for a crash course with the moon in 2049.

Coming across Captain Lundvik and two other astronauts on the shuttle, the group crash land on the lunar surface.

Finding a mining base full of corpses and vicious spider-like creatures poised to attack, Clara finds herself given a dilemma that only she can decide the outcome as The Doctor disappears.

The Doctor seems to have acknowledged here that he maybe interferes a little too much and steps away from an earth shattering predicament, needless to say it backfires as it displays how much The Doctor is depended on to solve scenarios. With Clara basically threatening to disassociate herself from The Doctor , I am almost at liberty to plead give him a break for at least a week.

This episode seemed a little implausible despite having some fabulous mutant spiders in it, I'm also getting a little tired of the current Doctor companion dynamic, or lack of it, Capaldi's Doctor almost screams independence for me, maybe Clara and The Doctor really do need some away time from each other.

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