Saturday, 21 February 2015

Vintage Vinyl: James Last In The 1960s

Anyone around in the 1970s will remember the name of band leader James Last.

His happy sound certainly set him above many of his musical contemporaries from the 1960s onwards as he brought up to date many of the classics as well as his own classical renditions of contemporary pop.

His hit albums were as regular as number 10 buses in the UK between the mid 60s and mid 80s and it was one such pile I came across in my local Healthy Planet today.

My selection of three all come from 1966, 67 and 68 respectively and look like they represent different styles of Last. Hammond A Go Go Vol.II (organ), This Is James Last (classical and contemporary) and Non Stop Dancing 68 (contemporary hits).

Last's albums are frequently popping up in charity shops these days and admittedly I usually pass over them for other sought after titles, however a few tracks on these caught my eye as well as the wonderfully Kitsh album covers so I thought I'd bring them home and give them a spin.

I'll update with mini reviews as I get around to playing them..

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