Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Retro Scrapbook: The Bangles File - Part 1

The Bangles as they featured on the cover of Look-In in 1986
Although they had been recording since the early 1980s, American band The Bangles didn't actually make much of an impression on the UK chart until they released the Prince composed track Manic Monday from their second CBS LP Different Light in 1986.

Racing to No.2 in the UK chart Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, Vicki Peterson and Michael Steel quickly became familiar faces on the television screen and were quick to follow with UK gigs and regular TV appearances.

I was particularly drawn to Manic Monday and the B side In A Different Light (still one of my favourite Bangles tracks) and quickly found myself amassing cuttings of the band from papers and magazines.Nearly three decades on I've scanned in much of what I have left from these clippings and will post them among others in coming months. This particular cutting is from a 1986 edition of the childrens comic magazine Look-In which featured The Bangles as cover stars and poster stars. The poster is accompanied by an article looking at the bands history and featured a title  Now They Know What They Want which tied in with their second UK hit If She Knew What She Wants.

Vicki Peterson is quoted in the article about The Bangles simpler sound: ""We're trying to recapture a sound that was popular before the laser rock and big stadium acts of the 70s. It's a simpler sound. And we arent the only band doing it. Right here in Britain you have The Smiths."

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