Monday, 30 March 2015

Stars On 45: Little White Bull / Singing Time by Tommy Steele (Decca, 1959)

Its back to the 1950s with another 50p 45RPM Newport charity shop find (located on March 14, 2015) ...

I missed the 1950s by nearly a decade but was always aware of the music of Tommy Steele during my formative years in the 1970s with frequent TV appearances of the star in various variety shows and reruns of his film Half a Sixpence...

One film which I only recall seeing once on television however was his 1959 movie Tommy The Toreador which also featured Sidney James and Bernard Cribbins and finds Tommy as a sailor arriving in Spain and been mistaken for a famous bullfighter.

Possibly modern attitudes that now encourage an aversion to bullfighting have prevented this 1950s pop and comedy crossover from been rerun on our TV screens for the last three decades but Tommy's hit single from the film, Little White Bull coupled with Singing Time (Decca F11177) is still fondly remembered.

Little White Bull was written by Lionel Bart (who had also penned Living Doll for Cliff Richard), Jimmy Bennett and Mike Pratt (who would later go on to star in the 1960s ghost sleuth drama series Randall & Hopkirk Deceased).

Little White Bull reached No.6 following its release in December 1959 and stayed in the charts for a total of 17 weeks continuing to sell well into 1960.

Issued in a picture sleeve featuring a cartoon of Tommy and a Little White Bull, the single cover states: Tommy Steele's Royalties From The Record Will Be Donated By Him To The Variety Club Of Great Britain Fund For A Cancer Research Unit For Children. A great example of how buying records to support a charitable cause was around long before 1984's  Band Aid and Do They Know It's Christmas?

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