Sunday, 15 March 2015

Vintage Vinyl: Redesigning Russ Conway

The original EP Cover from 1967
Following a recent post I made on the Facebook Russ Conway public group regarding Russ Conway's 1967 EP Always You And Me, I thought it might be a nice idea (for fun) to attempt a quick redesign of the cover.

Reverse of the original EP Cover
The only elements I've retained from the original cover are Angus McBean's portrait of Russ and the Columbia/EMI Records logos.

My 2015 redesign for Russ Conway's
Always You And Me
My redesign includes the much more simplified use of a single font Copperplate and I've recreated the background of the portrait to flesh it out across the sleeve more naturally. Naturally Photoshop wasn't available to the original designer back in 1967 but I'm quite proud of my new look which still manages to retain a retro feel to it...

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