Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book Collection: The Beatles Book No.39

I was well-pleased when my former work colleague Nigel Corten contacted me last week and asked if I'd like some old editions of The Beatles Book Magazine he'd found in a cupboard. I cant say I own every edition of The Beatles Book Monthly so I welcomed these back copies for my collection.

I've always been a huge Beatles fan and I used to try my hardest to pick up copies of this particular publication from a newsagent in Darlington indoor market back in the mid 1980s, some months I'd be lucky and get several editions (including back copies) other months they wouldn't have it - there's a lot to be said for ordering magazines!

No.39 (July 1979) contains a reprint of the October 1966 edition of The Beatles Book which features a period interview with George Harrison which gives an insight into how creative The Beatles were at the time, playing with tape recorders in the studio while been interviewed.

George reveals in the interview that since he began songwriting he has thrown over 30 songs away. "They may have been alright if I'd worked on them, but I didn't think they were strong enough," George told the magazine. "My main trouble is the lyrics. I can't seem to write down what I want to say - it doesn't come over literally, so I compromise, usually far too much I suppose. I find that everything makes a song, not just the melody as so many people seem to think, but the words, the technique - the lot."

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