Monday, 22 February 2016

Book Collection: Daily Mail Quiz Book Number 10 - Television (1957)

A recent book find was a Daily Mail Quiz Book from 1957 on the subject of Television. Its been well used (lots of sellotape around the cover) but is a fabulous little book.

The book is no.10 in a series of 12,the other quiz books in the series been London, Aircraft, Football, Ships, Animals, Films, Food and Drink, Inventions, Birds, Fact or Fiction? and Books. Strangely enough, radio, perhaps the most dominant broadcast medium until that date didnt get a book dedicated to it.

Television in the UK was still very much in its infancy in 1957. Great Britain only had two channels, one provided by the BBC and the ITA was only two years old. There was still enough information in this book however to fill over 160 pages.

The Quiz Book itself is probably more comprehensive than most quiz books I've seen before. The front is largely made up of facts and figures on the early years of the history of television from viewing figures, landmark moments and personalities. Only the last eight pages are made up of questions derived from the information at the front of the book.

One interesting fact is the details of early colour TV transmission tests.
The BBC commenced a new intensive series of colour tests in November 1956 over the London transmitter on Band 1. These tests went out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, commencing at 11.10pm after normal service hours. 
The ITA, on Band 3, also sent out colour tests from their Croydon Transmitter.
Of course, both channels wouldn't start regular colour TV broadcasts for  another decade (BBC2 would start in 1967, while BBC1 and ITV would follow in 1969)

Perhaps the most interesting is a set of television personality biographies accompanied by line sketches of some of the stars of the era. I've included Arthur Askey, Eamonn Andrews, Bernard Braden, Max Bygraves, Billy Cotton and Tommy Cooper here for your enjoyment!

The original price of the Daily Mail Quiz Book: Number 10 - Television  in 1957 was Two Shillings and Sixpence

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