Sunday, 19 February 2017

College Years: York In Railway Posters Exhibition (1994)

York in Railway Posters review by Andy Howells (October 1994)
Going to art college in York back in the early 90s was a bit of a tough but enjoyable haul for me. I pretty much used what was left of my savings to get me through the first year of my National Diploma Graphic Design course and held down several part-time jobs in the process.

York in Railway Posters postcard

York was a place I enjoyed living in, but it was difficult at times as I couldn't embrace it fully due to lack of money and having to direct it to pay rent and food costs.

York in Railway Posters Postcard

One of the few things that was great was that I began to get immersed in going to the City art gallery which was usually free to go in. I could sit in there some days, looking at some cool artwork.

York in Railway Posters - Museum Guide Description
As I was an art student, I usually got to see a few exhibitions, here's a college review I had to write about the York in Railway Posters exhibition, along with a couple of pieces of ephemera from the exhibit.

Childhood Memories: Tri-ang Chubby (Circa 1970)

There aren't that many photographs of myself from childhood. My parents would occasionally bring a camera out and take pictures but my father would never get the films developed, hence as far as pictures are concerned, there's a few from the first few years of my life, a couple of school photographs and then huge gaps.

This one was taken in the back yard of my first home in Grove Street, Stockton on Tees around the summer of 1970. I was around the age of two. There was another photo where my Dad hadn't framed the image correctly and you could see my Mum's tummy as she was pregnant with my sister at the time. My sister was born in September, 1970 which makes it easier to date this.

I have four toys pictured with me here including a train, a bus, a three wheeler bike and I'm at the wheel of my Tri-ang Chubby pedal car.

Prior to Christmas, I saw an edition of X-Ray on BBC Wales which did a brief feature on vintage toys, which had a clip of the Tri-ang manufacturing plant in Merthyr Tydfil from the 1960s/70s. It was quite a surreal moment to see a production line featuring hundreds of Tri-ang Chubby's on it which got me thinking about this photograph.

Sketchbook: Madonna Pencil Sketch (1980s)

Madonna, Pencil Sketch, 1980s by Andy Howells
There was a time in my mid-teens when I drew a hell of a lot of pictures. At the time I was really into the current music and Madonna was a big favourite in my record collection.

Not only did I like her sound, I loved her style and the way she constantly changed her look. Books, posters and cuttings always gave me a lot of inspiration and I think the photograph that inspired this image appeared as a poster in Smash Hits

Sketchbook: Doctor Who Video Sleeve

Back in the early 90s when I had a huge video collection it seemed like a good idea to start making covers for all my Doctor Who videos that I'd recorded off the TV.

I didn't get very far with this project,  I think I only created one sleeve, for the video tape that contained The Time Meddler and The Sea Devils both of which were repeated on BBC2 circa 1992.

I have featured the art for The Sea Devils on this blog previously but here it is cut and pasted with Letraset on my video sleeve template.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Sketchbook - The Directors (The Two Dons) Cartoon

While I was a member of the Zetland Church in Richmond, North Yorkshire back in the early 1990s, a friend, Gary Brookhouse,  and I, performed a few sketches for church services based loosely on comedian's Hale & Pace's The Management.

We were called The Directors and as opposed to been The Two Ron's we were The Two Don's. My memory is a bit cloudy now but I think the initial sketch was from a book and we adapted the characters for a few later sketches which were performed at church meetings and outreach events.

Me as one of The Don's

The Don's popularity started to increase to a point we were featured in the Churches first pantomime, Cinderella, (in a sketch we wrote ourselves). The Two Don's were good fun but we eventually called it a day, but not before I put together a cartoon for the church magazine...

I think the above cartoon was based on the first sketch we did, except we are wearing Santa hats, which indicates to me it was done to tie in with the appearance in the Christmas panto.


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