Sunday, 19 February 2017

Childhood Memories: Tri-ang Chubby (Circa 1970)

There aren't that many photographs of myself from childhood. My parents would occasionally bring a camera out and take pictures but my father would never get the films developed, hence as far as pictures are concerned, there's a few from the first few years of my life, a couple of school photographs and then huge gaps.

This one was taken in the back yard of my first home in Grove Street, Stockton on Tees around the summer of 1970. I was around the age of two. There was another photo where my Dad hadn't framed the image correctly and you could see my Mum's tummy as she was pregnant with my sister at the time. My sister was born in September, 1970 which makes it easier to date this.

I have four toys pictured with me here including a train, a bus, a three wheeler bike and I'm at the wheel of my Tri-ang Chubby pedal car.

Prior to Christmas, I saw an edition of X-Ray on BBC Wales which did a brief feature on vintage toys, which had a clip of the Tri-ang manufacturing plant in Merthyr Tydfil from the 1960s/70s. It was quite a surreal moment to see a production line featuring hundreds of Tri-ang Chubby's on it which got me thinking about this photograph.

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