Sunday, 19 February 2017

College Years: York In Railway Posters Exhibition (1994)

York in Railway Posters review by Andy Howells (October 1994)
Going to art college in York back in the early 90s was a bit of a tough but enjoyable haul for me. I pretty much used what was left of my savings to get me through the first year of my National Diploma Graphic Design course and held down several part-time jobs in the process.

York in Railway Posters postcard

York was a place I enjoyed living in, but it was difficult at times as I couldn't embrace it fully due to lack of money and having to direct it to pay rent and food costs.

York in Railway Posters Postcard

One of the few things that was great was that I began to get immersed in going to the City art gallery which was usually free to go in. I could sit in there some days, looking at some cool artwork.

York in Railway Posters - Museum Guide Description
As I was an art student, I usually got to see a few exhibitions, here's a college review I had to write about the York in Railway Posters exhibition, along with a couple of pieces of ephemera from the exhibit.

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