Saturday, 22 April 2017

Off Target: Rare Doctor Who Single by Patrick Troughton

I posted the following to the Off Target group on Facebook earlier, following a surreal dream I had last night! No doubt, its all got tenuous links to Record Store Day - although you won't be finding a copy of this!

On learning of the Third Doctor's attempt to cash in with a Doctor Who related vocal single in 1972 entitled I Am The Doctor,

The Second Doctor managed to steer The TARDIS back to 1967 and release this answer single entitled (Oh, No No, No!) I Am The Doctor! He also decided to do a rather neat answer song to Jamie's Who Is The Doctor? on the B Side, but as neither songs he was responding to were released at the time, both sides fell on deaf ears.

Needless to say, this release is hard to find, although I did locate a copy in a rather surreal dream last night which inspired me to do this post - hope you don't mind!

Happy Record Store Day folks!

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