Saturday, 13 May 2017

Off Target: Doctor Who Discovers... Brexit

Okay, some more Photoshop fun.

Here's my take on a continuation of Target Books educational Doctor Who Discovers series in the 1970s featuring the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) for the fun group Off Target on Facebook.

I'm not saying this is a top notch Photoshop job, I knocked it up in under an hour for a bit of a laugh and just getting an idea on a format..

Also I thought it was only right to keep Tom Baker as The Doctor and its quite nice putting him into a Brexit scenario.

Nigel Farage's inclusion reminds me so much of The Master as portrayed by John Simm, you can imagine him saying "What this country needs right now, is a Doctor!"

Imagine how different things might have been had this book been issued back in 1977?

Happy times and places!

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