Sunday, 30 July 2017

Charity Shop Music Finds: July 22, 2017

A few 45RPM's found in Newport Charity Shops on Saturday July 22. I love a 60s EP, so it was nice to find two of those on this particular day.

Ken Dodd - Love Is Like A Violin EP
Decca Records, 1961
St David's Foundation, 50p
A few years before signing to EMI and ultimately scoring the biggest hit of the 1960s with the single Tears, Liverpool entertainer Ken Dodd had a hit on Decca Records with Love Is Like A Violin. This 6 track EP was released in 1961.

Eddie Calvert - Eddie Plays Leroy EP
Columbia Records. 1961
St David's Foundation, 50p
Eddie Calvert became known as The Man with The Golden Trumpet during his chart peak in the 1950s. In 1961this EP, recorded with Norrie Paramor and his orchestra featured the musician paying homage to composer Leroy Anderson.

The Singing Nun - Dominique
Philips, 1963
St David's Hospice, 50p
At the height of Beatlemania in 1963, Dominique became one of the most popular singles in the UK charts having already scaled the heights of the American chart. The composition was written and performed by Jeanne-Paule Marie "Jeannine" Deckers better known as Sœur Sourire which translates as "Sister Smile", often credited as The Singing Nun in English-speaking countries. I had only been thinking of this release days before finding it, as its quite an unusual single to appear in the charts of late 1963 when the new Beat sounds were predominant, although to my mind its gentle delivery possibly struck a chord with many still reeling from the shock of the assassination of President John F Kennedy only weeks before (though it’s worth remembering its release predates Kennedy’s death by over a month).
œur Sourire own story would unfold as a tragic over the next 20 years but this slice of folk-pop when the world needed a Singing Nun in the charts is a sweet addition to the collection.

Trini Lopez - Trini-Trax (Special Dance Party Medley)
RCA, 1981
St David's Hospice, 50p
In the fall of 1963, Texan Trini Lopez scored a huge worldwide hit with the single If I Had A Hammer. Although he would re-enter the UK charts with a few minor hits over the next few years, there was a break until he returned to the UK chartsone last time  in 1981 with this recording of a hits. Medley which reached No.59. Such recordings were the flavour of the day in 1981, popularised by the Stars on 45 craze., although I have to admit I wasn't aware of this until finding it last week. Its great fun however and nice to find Trini was having another crack at the charts with classics like La Bamba, America and If I Had A Hammer.

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