Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Tenby Charity Shop Music Finds - August, 2017

Whilst on holiday in Tenby last week, I did the usual perusal of charity shops for vinyl finds. There were a few vinyl's on offer, particularly from artists I enjoy listening to, while the prices were pretty static, averaging at a pound for most finds.
The week got off to a good start on August 14 on a rainy afternoon with a visit to two charity shops.
Eddie Calvert – Jealousy / Malta G.C. (Columbia Records, 1960)A few weeks after locating an Eddie Calvert EP in Newport, I found this 1960 release on Columbia Records at Tenovus in Tenby. This instrumental rendition by the Man With The Golden Trumpet also began life as the tango Jalousie by Danish composer Jacob Gade. Despite Eddie Calvert's lively interpretation with accompaniment from Norrie Paramor and his Orchestra this rendition failed to chart, but a version by Billy Fury would reach the top ten in 1961.
Bing Crosby - Bing Sings Broadway LP  (MCA Records, 1982)
A 1982 compilation album also found in Tenovus in Tenby from MCA featuring 16 recordings of Bing Crosby performing hits from Broadway shows in the 1940s and 50s.        
Eddie Calvert – Italian Carnival LP (Music For Pleasure, 1965)The Ty Hafan shop in Tenby  also had an Eddie Calvert record, making this my second Calvert find of the day. Italian Carnival, is an early Music For Pleasure compilation featuring 12 recordings from The Man With The Golden Trumpet made in the late 50s and early 60s.
We made a return visit to town on the Friday August 18 where I took in a few more charity shops (and found a copy of Casino Royale - 1967 on DVD from British Red Cross for £2).

Tenby's Sartori Stores also had an eclectic selection of seven inch singles at a pound each, among them I found two singles by Russ Conway...
Russ Conway – Passing Breeze / The Key To Love (Columbia, 1960)Passing Breeze is a beautiful piano instrumental from Russ Conway (written under his real name Trevor Stanford) and features accompaniment from Tony Osborne and his Orchestra, recorded in 1960 when it reached No.16 in the charts.
Russ Conway – Party Pops  No.7  (Columbia, 1959)
Although they started off as chart hits, Russ Conway's Party Pops medleys fell in popularity as far as chart success was concerned in favour of his more complete tunes such as Side-Saddle and Roulette by 1959. Columbia however would regularly still issue Party Pops singles from Conway well into 1964. This 1959 release features favourites such as Tom Dooley, Soneday You'll Want Me To Want You and More Than Ever, delivered in his pub piano style with Geoff Love and His Orchestra
- all great fun!

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